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Spilled Wine. 🍷

The seemingly easiest thing to do was just to keep it straight and together. The stem of the wine glass fit perfectly between my thighs as I lounged on the couch. Let's be honest: I have thick legs. Nature's wineΒ glass holder, amirite?! A balancing act fit for a queen that has deemed her couch her… Continue reading Spilled Wine. 🍷

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Disappear. πŸ‘»

If you're anything like me, you look at the date on the calendar and think "WHAT THE FUCK?" I mean, has it been six months since Tip died? 😭 Has it been 10 years since my Uncle Robert died? 😭😭 Am I really in my LATE TWENTIES?! 😭😭😭 Quite a few *good* things have happened since we've spoken… Continue reading Disappear. πŸ‘»

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New Relationship Status πŸ‘€

I am now in a new relationship.... With MYSELF. I'm sure you have some questions... Liiiike.. Weren't you dating someone? πŸ‘€Β What happened?Β πŸ‘€Β Was he even real? πŸ‘€Β  Well, lose the suspenseful glares; I feel your beady eyes dartingΒ at me. I was dating someone. He was and is very sweet. Sometimes you need thatΒ in your life. Sure,… Continue reading New Relationship Status πŸ‘€

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Unresolved. πŸ‘½

I must have written and erased this entry ten times by now. I'm not quite sure how to start it... So I will just dive in. My mother and father divorced when I was very young. Early single digits. Before age five I think? Both my mother and father talked immeasurable shit about each other… Continue reading Unresolved. πŸ‘½

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Worthy. πŸ™

This weekend I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming. We joked that all future Spider-Man movies will be named after cliche high school dances. Spiderman: Sadie Hawkins. Spider-Man: Spring Fling. Spider-Man: Prom. Fine I'll stop now. I'm still rooting for Tobey Maguire but he was sooooo 2002. For some reason, I had a quick thought. I believe it… Continue reading Worthy. πŸ™