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Disappear. πŸ‘»

If you're anything like me, you look at the date on the calendar and think "WHAT THE FUCK?" I mean, has it been six months since Tip died? 😭 Has it been 10 years since my Uncle Robert died? 😭😭 Am I really in my LATE TWENTIES?! 😭😭😭 Quite a few *good* things have happened since we've spoken… Continue reading Disappear. πŸ‘»

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Recharge. πŸ”‹

Hey, you, slow down. It's important to take a step back sometimes. Take the scenic route. Think. Feel. Embrace. Do you remember cameras that needed actual batteries? AA or AAA. If they died, you were fucked. Then they made "rechargeable" AA and AAA batteries. You had a buy an adaptor that plugged into the wall… Continue reading Recharge. πŸ”‹

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Discipline. πŸ’ͺ

  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. For as long as I can remember, I have NOT been a morning person at all.   I would barely make it to school on time in high school. I scheduled college classes later in the morning or afternoon or evening to avoid waking up early. I never had a… Continue reading Discipline. πŸ’ͺ

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Clarity. πŸ‘“

This has been an important week for me emotionally. Number one,Β Fall Out Boy released their tour dates and a new single. I bought tickets for their show! It will be the eighth time seeing them live. I am sure I have a problem.. But who cares! Probably listened to their new single a million times… Continue reading Clarity. πŸ‘“

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Snapped. πŸ”ͺ

Has something ever made you snap? Like, in a good way. I am not referring to that TV show where the wives kill their hubbys... Β I mean, I didn't let it getΒ THATΒ far! ​ It was a serious and honest struggle battling with myself internally, while appearing strong to those around me during the precedingΒ few months.I… Continue reading Snapped. πŸ”ͺ